February to February

Wall of Stories – February 2017

Have you ever looked back at one whole year and realised how far you've come? This Wall of Stories depicts the lives of 11 different people in the last one year. Send us your pictures and tell us how your year was and we will put it up in the next Wall of Stories.

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Who loves Delhi, again?

This is the story of a 17-year-old girl who found hope, love and a home in an alien city

Still I Rise

How powerful can poetry be? This powerful.

Some evenings…


Some evenings,
after days when the world feels like it has poured all of its despair onto you,
when I am awash with burdens that rest atop my body like a burlap of jostling shadows.
I find a place to watch the sunset. I dig my feet into a soil that re-birthed itself a million times over.

I listen to the sounds of the leaves as they decide whether or not it’s time to descend from their branches. It is hard to describe the comfort one feels when sitting with something you trust will always be there. Something you can count on to remain familiar when all else seems awry.


How remarkable it is to know that so many have watched the same sunset before you.


How the wind can carry pollen & drop it somewhere it has never been. How the leaves become the soil that then becomes the leaves…

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February to February

The story of February to February..

Awestruck Eyes

I believe writing can break you;
yet we write the best when we are the most broken.

I believe writing can shake you;
yet we write the best when we are the most shaken.

I believe words can mend broken hearts.
I believe words have the ability to drag you
from that pit of darkness
and into the beginning of new dawns.
Some like them in songs;
some like them in psalms.

A close friend of mine once said to me, “you know, I don’t really have to worry about you, wherever you are. I know that you have the strength and courage to come out of whatever you face and promise me that you’ll keep writing because that’s how you heal.” But I broke that promise; somewhere between fighting for lost causes and holding onto beautiful relationships, I broke that promise, and eventually, I broke myself. But I don’t think it’s ever…

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Accept the seasons of your heart…

Things come to you when you need them the most. Like Kahlil Gibran's poetry.

Some Thoughts About Time…

Another take on what’s important and why you must do what you should today and not leave it to time…

“Lost time is never found again” – Benjamin Franklin

Everything comes down to time.  It is the very stuff of life; the warp and the weft.  The only things we truly have are: our bodies, our energy, and our attention; and all three of these exist within that box of delights we call ‘time’.

If you’re aware of this homespun truth already then it likely informs your most every decision; if you remain unaware… well, you will probably come to it at some point, and I pray for you that it is not at too late an hour, when the clock is already striking twelve and the sand is all but run dry.

When I lived in London I met an photographer holding her very first exhibition.  She told me she had recently gone ‘all in’ on photography.  When I asked her why, she told me this story:

She had…

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Take a deep breath!

This series is for letting go. This one is for just letting everything be. Because trust me, everything is going to be okay. Just okay the way it is 🙂

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